Rebecca Fairless: Music and Imagery


In this online session, Music Therapist Rebecca Fairless will use a looper pedal to create ambient soundscapes, and guide the participants though a music and imagery meditation. Music can stimulate the mind’s eye in powerful ways. As the music unfolds, participants will be invited to relax and explore mental imagery that arises. Participants can listen with closed eyes, or draw, colour, or write. The session will close with a time for sharing, and a discussion of how we use music in our daily lives to promote calmness, creativity, and well-being. Participants will need to have paper and drawing supplies on hand. They are also encouraged to use headphones, and to find a calm space where they can sit comfortably. 7:30 - 9 pm Atlantic time BY DONATION | please email to get the link! Rebecca Fairless is an accredited Music Therapist, singer-songwriter, and church organist living in Halifax. Using music as a map, she helps clients navigate the pathways of self-expression, empathy, healing, and connection.