Pillow Fite + Youth Open Mic

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Ross Creek Annex , 2182 Sheffield Rd. , Canning

Our third Youth Open Mic, this time will be a ticketed event, open to all ages, with Pillow Fite headlining a Queer-friendly, post-Valentine's Day party. Pillow Fite is Halifax, Nova Scotia’s most exciting new musical duo. Pairing tender, heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics with catchy alt-rock instrumentals and folky ballads, the genre lines get blurred in a way that keeps the project dynamic and binge-worthy while giving listeners all of the feels. Check them out: https://youtu.be/0DK4AbJo_RQ?si=B3TQbJX_aO6LieSH So fun!!

The open mic will run from 7 - 8 pm and is for youth ages 12 - 18. Please email info@musicincommunities.com to sign up in advance as there will be limited spots. Pillow Fite will play from 8 - 10pm.

Snacks and mocktails $2 !

Tickets in advance or at the door: Adults $15 / youth and students $5 - select your price and pre-purchase here.